Barbarian Coffee Roasters Casper Wyoming

Barbarian Coffee Roasters

A Veteran-Owned, Family-Run Small Business
A veteran of the Marine Corps and law enforcement, Jon runs the business with his wife and daughter in Casper, Wyoming

Do you know when, where, and how your coffee was roasted? Of course not.

Now you can. And it matters.

Fresh roasted coffee for sale Wyoming

How your coffee is roasted matters.

Our precise hot air roasting method perfectly roasts each bean evenly producing a much smoother cup of coffee with lower acidity, without the scorching and burnt chaff that leads to bitter and harsh flavors typical of commercial drum roasting.

Fresh roasted coffee for sale in Casper Wyoming

When your coffee is roasted matters.

How long has your coffee been sitting on the shelf at the store before you bought it? How long before that was it roasted? Why isn't there a roast date? All our coffee bags are stamped with the date the beans were roasted. And we roast small batches fresh weekly.

Where your coffee is roasted matters.

Again, the coffee you drank this morning- where was it roasted, and by whom? Imagine being able to watch your coffee being roasted. Pretty cool right? That is possible because we roast your beans right in Casper, Wyoming at our Center Street location.

Scott L.
Douglas, Wyoming
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My wife and I had a subscription to an excellent coffee roasting company in South Carolina. After our first bag from Barbarian Coffee Roasters we canceled that subscription! Barbarian is the best coffee we have ever had.
Travis G.
Casper, Wyoming
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I used to not give much thought to the coffee that I drank. I appreciated a good flavor but was always trying different brands at the store. That all changed when I drank Barbarian Coffee. I joke with Jon that he turned me into a "coffee snob". I love giving Barbarian as gifts to friends, family, and clients as well.
Barbarian Coffee Roasters Casper Wyo

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